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So called « косметические изменения »…[править код]


Xqbot – the worst bot I've ever seen – was the only stupid bot to do this ; and now, we have this and this !

Budelberger 07:00, 30 январ 2011 (YEKT) (Flag of France.svg).

Redirections[править код]


Can EmausBot create some redirections ? Here is a first list ; its syntax is :

  • <star> <space> <Page name> <tab> <Instruction>

Don't bother yourself with double redirections, Xqbot – the worst bot I've ever seen – loves them


Budelberger 04:24, 25 юнь 2011 (YEKST) (Flag of France.svg).

Yes, I was wrong : I mean Rename for existing pages… The list is updated, can you do it ? Budelberger 05:33, 26 юнь 2011 (YEKST). (Can a bot rename a Page ?)
✔ Done --Emaus 05:45, 26 юнь 2011 (YEKST)
Thanks. My file is ready, but I'm waiting for our Komi Friends (last translations). Budelberger 06:08, 26 юнь 2011 (YEKST).