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Босьтöм Википедия вылiсь

I'll start to change them today's evening. --Emaus 09:05, 1 декаб 2010 (YEKT)

Dear friends! I don’t understand the programming (I’m just a Komi linguist teaching the Komi-Permyak language at the university of Gottingen). Therefore I completely rely on you in the technical questions. I want only to acquaint you with an actual situation in the Region Perm.

The majority of the Komi-Permyak society uses old operational systems (e.g. XP) and browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 7). All of our computers are localized for Russian. But there is a support for standard roman types, thence the latin ö and i are available for us, while the cyrillic ö is seen as a Quadrant. The cyrillic ö has appeared only at the advanced offices.

The latin letter ö (as the latin i – because only these two letters of the Komi language are not present in the Russian alphabet) is used in a Komi text by everyone who write on a computer in Permyak (and in Zyrian, too).

By using Google to search a Komi text our people type (and will type) cyrillic words with latin letters anyway. New articles in the Wikipedia will be written with the latin ö and i, too: the habit will hardly quickly refuse even after updating the office.

So, for transition to cyrillic ö as a whole it’ll be necessary to update all our computers and to persuade people to refuse their habit to use the latin letters. Besides we must to make replacements in all Word documents containing in the Permyak text the latin letters (now all the Komi-Permyak literature is already converted into Word doc).

Now, before you'll start to change, I wont to notice:

1) it is necessary to reach uniformity (i.e. if you enter cyrillic letters, replace the latin ones everywhere) – the sad experience of the Zyrian Wikipedia must not be repeated,

2) it is necessary to make so, that by searching of a komi text with latin ö and i in Google and other search systems, there was a link to appropriating document of the Wikipedia with cyrillic ö and i,

3) it is necessary to enter the automatically replacing of the latin ö and i with cyrillic equivalents in every new article and edition appearing.

It’ll be probably a complex task, but if it will not be made, the sense of the Permyak Wikipedia as an actual information system will be lost.

Enye Lav 02:26, 2 декаб 2010 (YEKT)

1) and 3) It is not very hard. Already existing article can be given to the form with cyrilic "ö" and "i" via bot and the new edits can be given to this form automatically or half-automatically (with pressing of some special button).
2) In Sr.Wiki that has at least 2 views for every article you can search information on both: cyrillic and latin alphabets. For example, Google has indexed both versions of page sr:Краљевина Југославија: on cyrillic and on latin. And I think that it is possible to introduce the same script as in Sr.Wiki. --Emaus 05:30, 2 декаб 2010 (YEKT)

2000 гижöт[Вильмӧтны код]

2000 гижöт
--Kmoksy 06:16, 11 юнь 2011 (YEKST)
Yaşa ! tooBudelberger 02:58, 14 юнь 2011 (YEKST).


When creating new articles, can you, please, resume it with such a word as « Création », etc… ? Because this special page is illegible !


Budelberger 17:23, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST).

Opps! Illegible and not "aesthetic" :-) OK. I write as "виль гижöт = création = новая страница" Thankkkkkkss :-) --Kmoksy 17:38, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST)
« création »… You are right, Dear Friend… French is THE language, of the World, the language one must know, understand, read, write ! Budelberger 18:04, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST). (I declare that henceforth : « French is the official language of the Komi Nation ! »… – And Komi Gentle People may speak komi languages as a second tongue…)
Oui, Oui, Ouuuiii. --Kmoksy 18:17, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST)
Yes, but remove the space at then end of this dirty word : « страница » ; « (виль гижöт = création = новая страница) », not « (виль гижöт = création = новая страница ) » ; Aesthetism… Budelberger 18:50, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST).
виль ("new") гижӧт ("письмо = letter = lettre"; ops! ; The ö in the "гижöт" is Latin). Komi and Russian mixed: виль страница --Kmoksy 19:05, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST)
Read me slowly… : « (виль страница) » (without space), not « (виль страница ) » (with space) ; or better : « (Création : виль страница) »… Budelberger 19:53, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST).
Oh my God! Aman Tanrım! Space! Ops! :-) --Kmoksy 19:56, 27 юнь 2011 (YEKST)

Во сьӧрна лун ?=? Day of the year[Вильмӧтны код]


Do you think that « Во сьӧрна лун » is correct for « Day of the year » ?

(EmausBot & I are waiting for massive creation of articles…)

Budelberger 03:16, 9 юль 2011 (YEKST).

I am sorry. I don't know. --Kmoksy 03:26, 9 юль 2011 (YEKST)


Don't create an article and then articles redirecting to it (e. g. those articles), create (and add content), for example, first Руанда кыв and then rename it as Ргванда кыв, and then Киняргванда !… It's easier and more aesthetic

Budelberger 19:33, 16 юль 2011 (YEKST).

The BETTER: Руанда кыв first moved → Ргванда кыв second moved → Киняргванда. OK! --Kmoksy 19:40, 16 юль 2011 (YEKST)

Thanks for your edits of templates. I do not know much about templates and templates/docs. I prepared the templates on the Hill Mari = Кырык мары wikipedia. :-) thanks, thanks, thanks! --Kmoksy 20:03, 16 юль 2011 (YEKST)

The Hill Mari Wikipedia was destroyed by a certain person. This Wikipedia, Permian Komi Wikipedia, is in danger : there are always some people needing Gauleiter status in small Wikipedias, they are well known by you and me (Dutch, French, Russian, Lithuanian illiterate arrogant zero value users). Don't you want to become an Administrateur here ? My opinion is that with Gentle People here, the Uglies will be thrown far away from our project. My proposition is that we need four Administrateurs – do you know how much I hate Administrateurs ? –, two Philologists, Enye Lav and Permian, and two Computerists, Kmoksy and Emaus. And please, no protected Pages here ! (Even User pages.) --Budelberger 23:39, 16 юль 2011 (YEKST).
The hill Mari Wikipedia was "destroyed" by a certain person (ie I)! Ops. Thanks. :-)
No, the arrogant so-called Amdf.
okay, I understand
Kmoksy is not "computerists". He is a old man "little" biologist and linguist. :-) Thanks BB. Selam from Turkey, northern Ankara, Keçiören. I love the wikipedias of the endangered languages. --Kmoksy 23:57, 16 юль 2011 (YEKST)